Pedal Pumping Ladies

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Years ago, we all remember seeing ladies wearing nylons pound that gas pedal furiously because it was the only way to get the car to start. I myself remember how my neighbor, a lady school bus driver, used to pound and hard revv that old gasoline school bus in nylons until the motor warmed up. We all remember that lady that used to leave a door open as she hard revved her car for 20 minutes making sure it was ready for work the next day. Sweet memories!!

Reading this, you're probably reflecting on some of those same memories. Would you believe me if I told you that same kind of pedal pumping continues? Indeed it does and I am glad you've found us!! Welcome to Pedal Pumping, your spot for some of the best in reality pedal pumping and revving on the internet. Whether it be nylons, pantyhose, stockings, barefeet, highheels, slippers, dr. sholls or more, we offer an affordable price with 3 frequent updates a week. Oh, did I mention that we have an 18 wheeler, old work trucks, and a host of different vehicles on hand that Ms. Eva and her friends love to rev and punish daily? Your requests are certainly welcome and we look forward to doing our part for the pedal pumping community.


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